Information given in this publication is given in good faith and represents the results of specific individual tests carried out by James Walker in accordance with the methodologies described in this publication, performed in a laboratory. No representation or warranty is given in relation to such information. Values and/or operating limits given in this publication are not an indication that these values and/or operating limits can be applied simultaneously. While such results may comprise useful additional information and are industry standard tests, they are no substitute for conducting (or procuring from James Walker) your own tests and engineering analysis and satisfying yourself as to the suitability of the material you select.

Please also note that material tested in accordance with the published methodology may not perform to such values in application and/or under different test conditions or methodologies for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the environment in which it is used/tested or which passes through it or otherwise affects the material, or due to the design of the product made with the material, handling, storage or installation, or due to the effect of housing or other parts. Our personnel will be happy to discuss any historical examples we have of the material having been previously used in a particular application.

Health warning: If fluoroelastomer (e.g. FKM, FFKM, FEPM) products are heated to elevated temperatures, fumes will be produced which may give unpleasant effects, if inhaled. Whilst some fumes are emitted below 250°C from fluoroelastomers the effect at these temperatures is negligible. Care should be taken to avoid contaminating tobacco with particles of fluoroelastomer, which may remain on hands or clothing. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available on request.